The Kitty Litter Pan Solution


There has to be a better way of cleaning the kitty litter pan, right? Kitty Littery™ is not so much a better litter pan. It does not electronically automate the litter cleaning process. Kitty Littery™ gets the litter pan from off the floor and up to a level where you can easily scoop, screen, or automate the litter pan cleaning process. Your kitty simply hops up one of the kitty-sized 8" stairways and into the litter pan area. Kitty Littery™ includes a shelf, installed at traditional kitchen countertop height, for the litter pan to rest on. Your Kitty takes care of its “kitty business” in its usual way and scampers down one of the stairways. The cabinet can work with the smaller, flat & rectangular automatic litter pans placed on the middle shelf, such as Litter Maid, but the larger electronic pans that turn the litter over like a cement mixer are too large to fit into this cabinet.

Every day, when it’s time for you to clean the litter, you simply open the front doors and pull out the bottom slide shelf. The slide shelf holds a smaller pan with your favorite brand 13-gallon kitchen garbage bag in it. Simply scoop the soiled litter from the top litter pan down into the garbage bag in the small litter pan. When the upper litter pan is clean to your satisfaction, pull the draw string to close the 13-gallon garbage bag, and dispose of the litter into your weekly community garbage service buggy in your garage or outside storage area.

Kitty Littery™ includes storage below for your purchases of new litter in pails or boxes, or storing litter cleaning tools such as scoops or screens, garbage bags, litter deodorizers, or hand held vacuum cleaner to vacuum litter pebbles that dropped from kitty’s paws. Kitty Littery™  is not for storing kitty food or eating or watering dishes. It’s never sanitary to have Kitty’s food around its litter area.


Feature - Litter Pan at Countertop Height 
Benefit - No more Bending Down or Stooping

Feature - Wide Kitty Size Stairway Steps & Pan Area Walkway
Benefit - Wide Enough for Most Kitties

Feature - Tall Litter Bin Area
Benefit - Tall Enough for Large Kitties

Feature - Two 8" Wide Kitty Stairways
Benefit - For Kitty A to Egress from Kitty B

Feature - Rechargeable Light Kit Included
Benefit - Motion Activated LED Lights for Kitty's Nocturnal Litter Needs

Feature - Artificial Turf Pads Included
Benefit - Cleans Some Soiled Litter from Kitty's Paws  

Feature - Large & Deep Litter Pan Included
Benefit - 10-gallon Rubbermaid “Roughneck” Available Everywhere

Feature - Small Litter Collector Pan Included
Benefit - 3-gallon Rubbermaid “Roughneck” Available everywhere

Feature - Support Shelf for Litter Bin
Benefit - Bears Weight of Both Litter & Kitty

Feature - Easy Pull-out Shelf
Benefit - Enables Easy transfer of Soiled Litter

Feature - Large Storage Area Below
Benefit - Store Large Litter Pails, Accessories, Etc.

Feature - Sturdy Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) Construction
Benefit - Real Furniture Built to Last Years

Sturdy Front Doors Hide Kitty’s Activity Out of Sight