Kitty LIttery (tm) Heirloom Catnip Seeds

A vintage illustration of Neopeta cataria.

About Catnip (Nepeta cataria)
Catnip is a versatile, aromatic perennial thriving in mild climates, suitable for diverse growing locations. It attracts bees, butterflies, aids pollination, and repels deer and misquotes. Historically, it was used for medicinal purposes, but now it's known for its unique effect on cats due to the compound nepetalactone.

Germination Instructions
Sprinkle seeds over soil of choice in a small container. Cover container with a clear lid or wrap and cold stratify around 40°F (e.g. in a refrigerator) for about 16 hours. Next, move container to a sunny location where the seeds will be exposed to direct sunlight. Seedings should emerge in 2-4 weeks, and can be thinned or transplanted into larger containers when plants have at least three leaves. 

Notes: Catnip can be somewhat slow to germinate and can be fragile when young; to ensure success wait until plants seem well established and easy to handle.

Planting Information:
NAME: Catnip (Nepeta cataria)
DAYS TO MATURITY: 70 or less
POLLINATION: Open Pollinated
TYPE: Perennial
SUNLIGHT: Full sun or partial shade
SOIL: Dry, sandy, average soil with a pH 5.0 - 7.2
PLANT HEIGHT: 18 - 30 inches
SPACING: 15 - 36 inches apart