About Kitty Littery (tm)

Has it ever happened to you? The kids want a kitty, and they promise to take care of it. They promise to not only feed the loveable and scampery little furball, but also promise to clean that nasty litter pan down in the basement, or maybe in the first floor laundry room. Often such promises turn out to be a Kitty Road to Hell Paved with Good Intentions.

The new kitty(s), loveable as they are, turn out to be stinky little critters, bless ‘em, and the kids, or Mom, or Dad, or Sister, or Brother, soon develop a “Yuk Factor” when it comes to daily cleaning the litter pan. Soon, the stinky pee & poo accumulates to the point that Kitty is reluctant to use that pan anymore, and the smell…”ugh!”. So, you, the adult in the room whatever your age, take it upon yourself to clean the litter pan.

The "Yuk Factor" is because it's a hassle to bend over and reach down to scoop up soiled litter into a garbage bag, whether using a manual scooper or one of the terrific electronic automated litter pans.

We decided to invent a cabinet that enables you to stand upright and clean the soiled litter without bending over and reaching down to the floor.

We hope KITTY LITTERY (tm) changes your kitty litter cleaning life in a good way!